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Whittier Farms

Whittier Farms, located in beautiful Sutton, Massachusetts, is a family affair currently owned and operated by the fourth and fifth generations. Since 1945, Whittier Farms has dominated the landscape of the west part of town, operating on 500 acres.

Whittier Farms works day-in and day-out to ensure the 275 registered Holsteins are of top-quality genetics and producing high quality milk. Of the 275 registered Holsteins at Whittier Farms, about 115 are milking cows while the others are calves and heifers. Of the 500 acres, approximately 400 is used to grow hay, grass silage, and corn silage for the herd.

The Whittier’s also operate a year-round retail farm store, The Milk Store, where they sell many homemade products, including their own fruits and vegetables in the summertime, as well as products from around New England. In the cheese cooler, The Milk Store features, Cabot Creamery cheese, as Whittier Farms is one of 1200 farm families in the farmer-owned cooperative. The retail store also serves as the welcoming door for tours and special events at the farm throughout the year, as well as for customers purchasing landscaping materials such as straw, composted manure, and mulch.

With strong support from the community and a will to carry on, Whittier Farms continually looks for opportunities to improve their farm while educating the public about modern agriculture. In 2010, Whittier Farms became a part of the Massachusetts Agricultural Restriction Program (APR) keeping the farm protected as farmland. In 2014 they added a 150,000 watt solar array to the farm. Over the summer of 2015, Whittier Farms participated in the USDA Aerial Rye Program. Through all the investments, opportunities, and hard work, the Whittier’s strive to maintain their commitment to keeping agriculture alive and well in Sutton, MA.